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– a company with character – helps you execute business critical initiatives, solve business problems, improve systems and processes, connect with internal and external customers and use the future technology in ways you’ve never used it before to gain marketplace advantage. Whatever your objective, we employ a mix of high tech strategies, real–world thinking, applications expertise and proven hardware technologies to reach your goals, even beyond your wildest dreams. Our business solutions are not only creative and on point, but customized to your operational structure, integrated with your existing technology and adapted to your budget. We build exactly what you need – nothing unnecessary. As such, we make it easy and affordable to work with us as we put our technology to work for you. We uniquely provide, together or individually, all elements required for outstanding results :



Strategy: we get to know your business and your industry to provide best answers

Design: our work is compelling and memorable

Technology Solutions: advanced pro- gramming and hardware solutions that allows you stand out in terms of performance and functionality.

As a matter of fact we have a track record for being on time and on budget. INTERTRACK  has a reputation as a trusted and resourceful partner, embracing our client’s concerns and providing do-able solutions. In our core business we are known as excellent brand guardians. At INTERTRACK  we’re changing the way business to business – for the better. We’d be delighted to do the same for you !

You are invited to discover – by consulting our website and particular brochures – the way INTERTRACK develops and markets hardware, software, solutions and services, including enterprise risk management solutions, fault- tolerant business-critical solutions, security improvements and innovations and state-of- the-art tracking & tracing solutions.

Behind the strength of technical information you should see a simple, likable company, the salt of this good, lovely, brave earth.