smart insole

INTERTRACK SA offers an adequate solution to protect children, elderly people and medical patients.

InsoleTrack makes it possible to track our loved ones wherever they go. By use of a precise tracking device, anyone with Internet access and the right permissions can accurately see the movements of the person in case on a location plan at our website
For patients where heart conditions, mental state or physical disability are a potential danger, InsoleTrack can be complemented with a real-time heartbeat monitoring system, a panic button and even a microphone. 

Elderly people sometimes require extra care. Depending on their health situation, InsoleTrack can support relatives, elderly home organizations and nurses to take better care of our older beloved ones.

The InsoleTrack system comes with a complete set of possibilities, a base station with small screen that is brancheable to any other kind of screen, a docking and power station and 112 pre-defined symbols.

With a 30 days battery and an accuracy of not more than 50 m , the position of your beloved one can be monitored through our website or on an optional 10” display which can be used locally.

They can be tracked and followed on our website continuously, or you can cut the costs by choosing for ad-hoc referrals.

This way, InsoleTrack makes sure our beloved ones are watched over in a safe and efficient way, even when we are not able to sit by their side.