solar & daylight power for series 1,2,3

POWERSOLAR is the most versatile asset tracking solution of the world. Due to its compact design, its small footprint and its unrivaled maintenance free modularity, it is able to solve all asset  tracking challenges. Its progressive architecture has been based on 5-years field experience POWERSOLAR has been specifically designed for maintenance-free movement tracking, longevity, extreme robustness and short-cycled sensor data capturing on non-power-supplied assets. A large variety of accessories for POWERSOLAR allows optimal usage in across different modalities. The POWERSOLAR real time asset tracking system is highly cost-effective.


06062014_solarpowered_power1_1 06062014_solarpowered_power1_1

  •  State-of-the-art real time tracking unit

  • No cables – easy, fast, low cost installation

  • ’Fire and forget’ – no maintenance cost

  • Full sensoric information (internal & external)

  • Designed for intermodal, fleet-wide projects


It’s the decade of asset tracking –
accelerate your business by POWERSOLAR