• risk dock (risk management software)


Risk-DOCK is an auto-control quality, safety and production management system that allows to monitor, measure and manage critical control points in real time by visualising the site plan and making it interactive. 


  • hotel management

A new sight on travel and hotel management

The development of the booking system will open up endless opportunities for individual travel consultants, large travel houses and hotels.

It is a comprehensive and scalable solution,
that addresses a wide range of travel industry requirements to improve business, cut costs, and increase profits.

Main features:

Hotel Booking engine

The Hotel Booking engine is an intuïtive system that allows both off and on-line management of hotel reservations and all requirements that comes with it.

Tours Booking Engine

With all tour suppliers bundled into one accessible engine, booking tours for your customers has never been easier and more secure

Transfers Booking Engine Other features: Manage transfers and make sure the customer

gets there on time

Back Office Management

Your entire back office system integrated in your core front office business


  • all in one parking management

Parking management is no longer just a matter of controlling traffic

Modern parkings need optimisation. Not only in terms of parking spaces or cost, but also in terms of safety, both for the visitor as the organiser. Our Parking Management System merges the requirements of the most demanding owners and controllers of car, bike and motor parkings.

The Parking Management System keeps track of each person visiting the premises and links its picture (taken automatically by the cameras on-site) to the license plate, date and time and location(s).

The system also gathers all information
about vehicles, personnel, maintenance and logistics. It makes is easy to draft productivity reports, statistics and overviews for multi-level information entities. 

parking management


  • all in one hospitality suite

Our all-in-one hospitality suite contains a series of features that facilitate the working process of hospitality environments, from hotel chains, over hospitals, to caterers. The best way to describe the solution, is by specifying its intelligently linked modules, each of them working together to smoothen even the most demanding hospitality process:

Purchasing module

Complete audit trail to facilitate Sabanes-Oxley compliance

Integrated “Checkbook” to monitor departmental budgets

Multi-level approval heirarchy with automatic email notification

Complete vendor quotation section to assist in negotiations and purchase order selection process

Embedded shopping list feature to control and streamline purchases

Receiving and invoice module

Open balance purchase order information fills in receiving screen for ease of reconciliation

Sales tax is calculated and freight can be allocated

Accounts payable interfaces are available to eliminate double entry of data
Automatic month-end accrual report by GL

Invoice control

Hand held bar code technology

Perpetual storeroom and interdepartmental transfers

Monitor descrepancies with variance reporting

Automated Min/Max replenishment feature to control storeroom’s inventory levels

Banquet Bar controls and Revenue Potentials

Menu control

Recipe costing with multiple elvels ensures accurate menu pricing and optimizes catering revenue

Nutritional analysis

Menu analysis by contribution margin, sales percentage, or food cost percentage

Reporting module

Product price change analysis assists staff in controlling cost

Detailed outlet reporting provides managers with departmental cost

Project History can track capital purchases – cost against budget

Inventory Turnover calculates slow moving products to assist in reducing inventory levels

Vendor Performance monitors the quality of services provided by suppliers 




  • tracking software

The INTERTRACK Track4Place solutions enable you to remotely track & trace a variety of objects, like cars, trucks, boats, containers and specific personal goods that are valuable enough to watch over carefully.

* Fleet management
* Car/truck
* Public transport
* Railway industry
* Logistics
* Security and surveillance * People 


  • sensor4web


See what is going on just from the web

Know what is happening

Now you can see what is going on at your house, your shop or your holiday home, even when you’re abroad. Attach your camera’s, door, window and temperature sensors to the router and watch what is going on at your house from any simple internet space.

One simple package

The Sensor4Web solution is available in one single off-the-shelf package, with optional sensors or cameras. Choose the hardware you need, link it to the system and the internet … and you’re done.

Do-it-yourself or let others help you

The Sensor4Web package is easy to install yourself or can be installed for you by one of our certified dealers.

It was never that easy to see what is going on.