Be a passenger on every trip your customers take.

In order to retrieve data from a vehicle, you need a hardware device. Velio’s small, OBD-II plugs are designed to meet your data requirements at a competitive cost. You want white label? We can do it.



Ensure your customers’ cars are always connected.

Our devices use secure machine-to-machine (m2m) cellular data exchange to send and receive vehicle data in real time. We act as your global wireless network operator, roaming seamlessly across proven mobile networks. We get your application the data it requires. You get the information you need for your business.

Your application, powered by InterTrack.

We provide a variety of services, including over-the-air firmware upgrades and database management, to help you manage and run your applications more efficiently. We deliver our services in the Platform-as-a-Service model enabling rapid implementation while providing scalable technology.

  • Cost-efficient

    Competitive costing isn’t just about securing a good rate for every kilobyte of data sent; it’s also dependent on the payload for data transmission. InterTrack’s  Global Connectivity network architecture is designed to optimize the message payload, thereby reducing the cost to send data.

  • Reliability

    For applications where reliability is critical, InterTrack can roam on any local network, automatically switching to where signals are strongest, ensuring seamless and dependable service for our customers. This improves the performance of the service for mission critical applications.

  • secture

    When connecting vehicles to wireless networks, security is critical. If not, anyone can access in-vehicle systems, locate vehicles, unlock doors and drive away. Our Global Connectivity solution utilizes end-to-end encryption and we authenticate both the device and the servers. Velio’s algorithms are based on trusted standards and protocols used across industries.

  • Global reach

    There’s no need to negotiate and maintain multiple carrier relationships to secure global network coverage when you can get everything you need in one place. InterTrack has roaming agreements with many global telecom operators, providing reliable service, great coverage and competitive pricing in more than 200 countries.